151 PhD holders HAVE NO JOB

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    151 PhD holders HAVE NO JOB

    According to the data of the National Employment Service, 151 holders of PhD titles of various professions are waiting to find work in Serbia, of whom 92 are women. Although employers would be expected to rush to employ them, in practice this is clearly not the case. In Serbia, 22 persons with a PhD in economic sciences have no jobs. They are also the most massive group among the most educated citizens, registered with the National Employment Service. They are about 45 years old on average, and they have been registered with the national employment service for about 34 months. In the same month, the group of PhD holders in the National Employment Service’s register was joined by another member. Doctors of medical sciences follow them. There are nine of them. On average, they wait 28 months for jobs and they are 36 years old. The register includes science researchers in the field of philology / holders of PhD titles in philological science. There are one fewer of them than doctors of medical sciences. The list also includes seven doctors of law, and as many science researchers in biology, five doctors of philosophy… Statistics confirm that economics and law, followed by medical and social sciences are the areas of the greatest interest of those who choose to gain a PhD degree, but also that these people are the ones who can rarely expect employment through the National Employment Service. Out of 151 unemployed people with the highest level of expertise, only 15 of them found jobs through the National Employment Service, but there are also those who are only registered because they expect some kind of benefits or a visa for a “happier place”.

    Izvor: Politika

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