A concert you've been waiting for this ENTIRE year: BIZ BANDS – A LIKE for Zvecanska

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    A concert you’ve been waiting for this ENTIRE year: BIZ BANDS – A LIKE for Zvecanska

    BIZLife is organizing “BIZ BANDS” music spectacle and a portion of profit from this competition of bands will go to the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth at Zvecanska Street. The “BIZ BANDS” competition of company bands is being organized for the second time, and employees from nine companies will perform at Bitef Art Cafe on November 20th at 9 p.m.: Microsoft, UniCredit, Telenor, Dijamant, Mozzart, BB elektronik, Zuhlke, Transcom and Kreativa New Formula. Like last year, the entire event has a humanitarian character. Last year, the funds raised went to the “NURDOR” organization. Everyone who is coming to the concert tomorrow, as well as those who are prevented from doing so, have the opportunity to hear the bands rehearse for the performance. Short videos of all NINE bands are posted on our Instagram profile: Microsoft (MDCS Demo band), Zuhlke (Culke Engineers Band), Kreativa New Formula (Tetkini andjeli band), BB Electronics (Tehno BB band), Telenor (Jive band), Dijamant (Masna kiselina band), UniCredit (UniQ band), Mozzart (Mozzart band) and Transcom (Trans-coma band). Follow BIZLife Instagram profile and like the band you prefer. In addition to jury’s decision, the overall result will also include your voice, as well as the voice of the audience, thus listen to “BIZ BANDS” and hit the like button for Zvecanska.

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