A MINUTE up to RSD 22 as of July, SMS message up to RSD 7 – still TOO EXPENSIVE

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    A MINUTE up to RSD 22 as of July, SMS message up to RSD 7 – still TOO EXPENSIVE

    As of July 1st, citizens of the Western Balkan countries will be able to call each other in roaming at prices lower by almost 30 percent. This is just the beginning of implementation of the regional roaming agreement, which was signed back in April. Prices in this phase will be decreased by 27 percent, while complete abolishment of roaming for the Western Balkans is expected as of July 1st, 2021. One minute of conversation will no longer exceed RSD 22.4, an SMS will cost up to RSD 7 the most, while maximum price for data transfer will be RSD 21.4 per megabyte. For example, the price of roaming with Albania will be decreased by as much as 85 percent, since that country so far has not been the part of the agreement signed by Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014. Mobile telephony operators could not specify the exact prices for the “Politika” daily newspaper, nor whether they will be lower than maximum prices stipulated by the agreement. However, they did confirm that price list is being drafted, and citizens will be informed how much these services will cost them in future, prior to commencement of implementation of this agreement. According to the data of the competent ministry, 70 percent of the total roaming traffic in Serbia is related to the Western Balkans. However, making phone calls in roaming in our region is still expensive, especially if we compare ourselves with the European Union, which has completely abolished roaming since June 2017. All those who have a SIM card of some of the EU countries can use their packages at the territory of the European Union in the same way they use them in national traffic. Regardless of the insistence from countries of the Western Balkans, so far the EU has not shown preparedness to encompass countries that are in the accession process to the EU in its decision to abolish roaming in Europe. So far, the European Commission has been focusing on signing of an agreement to abolish roaming in the Western Balkans, and once that happens, it would open and consider the issue abolition of roaming between us and countries of the European Union.


    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

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