A new baby food factory will be built

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    A new baby food factory will be built

    In a few months, the construction of a baby food factory in Dobanovci will be completed – an investment worth 34 million euros, which is realized by the Russian company Farmalakt, owned by Serbian businessman Goran Vukovic, together with the partners from Serbia.

    As President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadez, announced during today’s visit to Russia, in the Moscow region, he attended the opening of the Farmalakt plant in which EUR 23 million was invested.

    The strategic partner of Farmalakt for the Western Balkans on the new project is the Serbian company Nelt Co, which will also be the distributor of the products of the factory in Dobanovci.

    “These investments are another proof that businessmen from Serbia are capable of recognizing opportunities and the needs of not only the domestic market, but foreign ones as well, that they are capable of running successful business abroad, fighting the competition, investing outside local borders and being reliable partners to the companies in Europe and in Russia, in USA and in China,” said Cadez.

    The Russian Farmalakt factory has 181 workers and it will daily produce 30 tons of baby formula, which Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States have imported so far, as well as 15.4 tons of baby biscuits and 7.93 tons of baby tea.

    The factory in Dobanovci is planned to export baby food on the regional market, and dry cereal and liquid milk porridge and puree to Russia.

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