A Serb from USA buys village on Suvobor Mt.

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    A Serb from USA buys village on Suvobor Mt.

    Milivoje Djordjevic, a businessman from Phoenix in Arizona, originally from Ivanjica, has bought the tourist resort “Andjelija Misic” on Suvobor Mt. for 45 million dinars.

    The tourist resort in the village of Kostunici went bankrupt more than ten years ago.

    The company, as a legal entity, was sold by the method of direct agreement with the public collection of bids and their improvement during the procedure, and the approval for the sale was given today by the Board of Creditors in Belgrade, in which the company Jugoimport SDPR has a majority share.

    The approval was necessary, as the administrative receiver Gordana Hadzic from Gornji Milanovac recently announced at the sale in the Commercial Court in Cacak, because the offered amount was lower than 50 percent of the estimated value.

    The authorized agency “Olimpija” based in Uzice estimated that the liquidation value of “Andjelija Misic” amounts to 179.3 million dinars, i.e. 1.5 million euros.

    The most valuable asset is the hotel “Milica and Panajota” under construction (102 million dinars), followed by the sack production factory (17.8), the villa “Suvoborka” (15.4), ethno-house (14.5) and the restaurant “Ravna gora” (5 million), while the value of the land in the possession of the bankruptcy debtor is estimated at 11.9 million dinars.

    Izvor: RINA

    Foto: Pixabay, ilustracija

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