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    Adopted: FREE entry into Serbia, price of the test RSD 6,000

    The Serbian government has adopted proposal of the Crisis Staff for the Protection of Health of the Population from the Infectious Disease COVID-19 on opening of the border crossings and free entry of all people to Serbia, without the necessary coronavirus test and permission of commission. The Government made a decision at the session according to which testing at a personal request would cost RSD 6,000 on the territory of the entire Serbia, while testing will still be free for students and minors. The Crisis Staff recommended this to the Serbian government two days ago, based on the analysis of the current epidemiological situation. Every person entering the Serbian territory will receive health warnings, stating that they are entering the territory where the virus is still circulating, as well as means to prevent infection. The decision on sending one-off financial aid in the amount of about EUR 1.64 million to various associations in Montenegro, dealing with the improvement of economic, cultural and political cooperation of Montenegro with Serbia and Republika Srpska, was also adopted.


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