After a lot of trouble, eastern branch is FINISHED

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    After a lot of trouble, eastern branch is FINISHED

    The works on the last section of the eastern branch of Corridor 10 have been completed and the plan is to open this section for traffic on 9 November, says the Public Enterprise Koridori Srbije. This also coincides with the latest promise of Minister of Transport, Construction and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic. In mid-October, the Koridori company was granted an additional amount of RSD 300 million for, as the company said, “the final works on the construction of the Bancarevo – Crvena Reka section and for the electrical-mechanical equipment of the tunnels”, and the deadline for completion of these works was 30 October. The section is now fully completed, the Koridori company says, and the deadline set for additional works has been met.


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    Foto: Koridori Srbije

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