After the pandemic, ECONOMIC CRISIS... severe one

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    After the pandemic, ECONOMIC CRISIS… severe one

    President Aleksandar Vucic has said that it is necessary to find the best economic measures because we are yet to experience the economic crisis when the pandemic of the coronavirus ends.

    “We need to talk about finding the best economic measures that we should implement in a responsible and disciplined manner, because I believe that we are yet to experience a severe economic crisis when the pandemic is over,” he said via a video link at the opening ceremony of the Paris Peace Forum.

    He pointed out that it was crucial to answer questions about how to support the pharmaceutical industry that would provide the vaccine, how to improve health systems and how to protect economies, he wrote on his Instagram profile.

    In addition to Vucic, French President Emmanuel Macron and the other world leaders and heads of international organizations also addressed the audience at the opening.

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