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Agreement reached – the strike at “Posta” ends

Representatives of the employees of “Posta Srbije” and the Serbia government have reached an agreement, and according to Vlade Djokic, one of the workers, fines will be withdrawn and not a single worker will be suspended. As for the wage increase, that is yet to be revealed, Djokic said. As N1 TV station has reported this morning, the agreement reached late last night will end the strike and the Serbian government will adopt a decision today. Acting director of “Posta Srbije”, Mira Petrovic attended the negotiations with unsatisfied workers for the first time as well. The website reported that workers with the lowest wages will receive the biggest increase. Workers of “Posta Srbije” protested for nine days, demanding wages within state average. In response, hundreds of them got suspended all over Serbia.

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Foto: Beta, Ana Slović

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