Air Serbia gets flights of public importance

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    Air Serbia gets flights of public importance

    The national airline Air Serbia is the only airline that fulfilled the conditions of the international tender for the establishment of 12 routes of public importance from Nis.
    According to the Flynaissus website, experts fear that low-cost airlines will withdraw from our market because these subsidies will jeopardize healthy competition.
    On the international tender announced by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for the selection of an airline for 12 routes of public interest, a bid was submitted only by Air Serbia, the ministry announced.
    The ministry also states that there were no objections to the tender conditions, and that the signing of the contract with the representatives of Air Serbia will be organized in the next few days.
    As it is pointed out in the press release, the tender was conducted in compliance with all the European regulations, several companies expressed interest, but only one valid bid arrived by the end of the procedure.
    The air routes of public interest, which will be organized from Constantine the Great Airport in Nis, were determined based on the analyses and interest shown by the southern Serbian districts.
    The national airline will receive 15 million euros from the state budget in order to introduce flights to Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Rome, Hanover, Ljubljana, Salzburg, Bologna, Budapest, Gothenburg, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe and Tivat.

    Izvor: Flynaissus

    Foto: Konstantin Veliki

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