Air Serbia TAKES OFF from Kraljevo on 17 December

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    Air Serbia TAKES OFF from Kraljevo on 17 December

    Air Serbia has announced that today it starts to sell tickets for the flights between Kraljevo and Vienna through agencies and the Air Serbia Contact Center. The first flight from Morava Airport to the Austrian capital will take place on 17 December, the national airline announced. “With flights from Kraljevo, Air Serbia is expanding its offer. Morava Airport becomes our third parent airport in Serbia and it is intended primarily for passengers from Western Serbia and Sumadija regions. After launching the route to Vienna, passengers can also expect the introduction of regular flights to Greece.” What awaits all those who choose to travel from Morava Airport is traditionally good service at affordable prices, said Air Serbia’s CEO, Duncan Naysmith, according to the airline’s press release. The national airline will fly from Kraljevo to Vienna and Thessaloniki on the basis of the results of a tender for the provision of regular air transport services on the routes of public interest announced by the Government of Serbia. The Vienna route will operate year-round, twice a week during winter and three times a week during summer, while the Thessaloniki route will be seasonal, with two flights a week during summer. Air Serbia will fly to both destinations from Kraljevo three times a week with the regional ATR72 turboprop aircraft.

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