Airport's "concession" balance sheet: Both revenues and expenditures

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    Airport’s “concession” balance sheet: Both revenues and expenditures

    This year, the shareholders of Nikola Tesla Airport will “earn” only RSD 2.19 per share from the concession fee, the Danas daily reports. According to the financial statements for the first nine months, Nikola Tesla Airport, that is, the company that leased Surcin Airport to French Vinci for concession, received RSD 383.3 million in concession fees, which is around EUR 3.2 million, but due to costs incurred by this company, the net profit from which dividend should be paid is only RSD 76.7 million, i.e. about EUR 650,000. This represents earnings per share of only RSD 2.19. Such a small fee for this year was further “eaten up” by the costs of the company Aerodrom Nikola a.d., which employed an average of 35 people this year. In nine months, RSD 86 million was spent on salaries and contributions of the employees. Nenad Gujanicic, a broker of Momentum Securities, who attended shareholders’ assemblies as a representative of a number of small shareholders, recalls that it is more important that the concession agreement has not yet been revealed, not only to the public but also to shareholders. Airport shares are still being traded on the stock market and the price is even rising. In recent weeks, the value of shares was about RSD 800, while in late November it spiked to RSD 850 and these days to RSD 900.

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