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All 11 planes from Russia have arrived, bringing disinfection vehicles as well

All eleven planes with medical equipment, technical equipment and means of protection, sent by Russia, arrived in Serbia. The eleventh plane with medical equipment, technical equipment and means of protection sent by Russia has landed at Batajnica based Airport “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlovic”, the Ministry of Defence announced. The statement says that six planes delivered aid on Friday and that five remaining planes had landed at Batajnica based airport during the night and this morning. Russian teams include a general, 42 officers, 42 non-commissioned officers and two members of the Russian Ministry of Health, led by CBRN Chief of the Western District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Major General Mikhail Chernishov. Russian experts are divided into eight medical teams, each team will have a general practitioner, epidemiologist, anaesthesiologist, medical technician and interpreter, and the rest of delegation is made up of CBRN experts and specialists, the statement said. “Sixteen special motor vehicles intended for the disinfection of facilities and roads, as well as a large amount of medical equipment, technical equipment and means of protection, necessary for Serbia in the treatment of patients infected with the coronavirus and in fight against the spread of COVID-19, have arrived as aid,” the statement added.

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