All state bonds are sold, Mali claims - the announcement of an EXCITING year

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    All state bonds are sold, Mali claims – the announcement of an EXCITING year

    All bonds of the Serbian government with maturity of 20 years have been sold at an auction. The entire emission is worth EUR 150 million. The Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali stated that the Republic of Serbia has sold euro-denominated government bonds for a period of 20 years, at a yield rate of 3 percent and successfully completed the entire emission in total amount of EUR 150 million. According to him, this is the best confirmation that the financial system is safe, stable and strong, and that it is finally on “healthy feet”, the Ministry of Finance announced. “We had a great response from investors, which is a sign of confidence in Serbia’s financial system. This is the announcement of an exciting year when it comes to development of the domestic capital market, which is waking up from a dream that lasted several decades,” the Minister of Finance said. He specified that the Republic of Serbia issued a euro-denominated bond with a coupon rate of 3.50 percent and successfully realized the entire emission. As he explained, state bonds are due on January 31st, 2040, and coupon payments will be done on annual basis, every January 31st by the due date.

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