An unexpected crash of a SUCCESSFUL COMPANY: Germans putting a padlock in ZRENJANIN 

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    An unexpected crash of a SUCCESSFUL COMPANY: Germans putting a padlock in ZRENJANIN 

    An international company “Paccor”, which produces plastic packaging for food industry and successfully does business in Zrenjanin for 11 years, will put a padlock on its gate in November. Consequently, this town will lose a strong plant, and close to 90 people will lose their jobs. The decision on liquidation was made by the Managerial Board in Germany, where company headquarters are located. In the explanation that management of the plant delivered to Zrenjanin newspaper it is stated that “Paccor” group (comprising of 21 companies in Europe) is developing a new strategy for the purpose of new positioning. “By merging existing competencies, planned sales boosts, winning rapid growth segments and a comprehensive optimization program called “step up”, we want to become a leader in the packaging sector,” says Andreas Schutte, General Manager of the Association. He says that “Paccor” group plans to completely reorient itself to recycling materials by 2023. According to him, by the end of 2019 and early next year, three plants will be closed for this reason: Zrenjanin, Niekerk (the Netherlands) and Sofia (Bulgaria), and other subsidiary plants will take care of their customers. “It was not easy for us to make this decision. When we draw a line, we still have to act consistently, while we still have manoeuvring space for proactive actions. We are aware of our responsibilities towards employees and we plan to make all measures socially just,” Schutte says in an official statement.

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