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App for ONLINE check of COVID-19 test results starts functioning

The app that allows checking the results of coronavirus tests has become functional, said director of the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Government, Mihajlo Jovanovic. He has told RTS TV that at the address, as of today, there is a new service – notification that a PCR test is done. “Application for that notification is very simple, in three steps, and it includes entering a personal ID number, an email address to which a notification should be sent or an optional text message, i.e. a phone number,” said Jovanovic. The moment their PCR test is done, people will receive an email or a text message, Jovanovic added. As he explained, the service is free of charge, the data is protected and these text messages do not contain the information about citizens, or the information whether the test is positive or negative, instead the messages will suggest to citizens that if they want to see the result of their test they should log into the e-Health portal where they can see their complete results.

Izvor: RTS

Foto: Pixabay

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