"As many as 15,000 applications for BENEFITS a day, procedures are simple"

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    “As many as 15,000 applications for BENEFITS a day, procedures are simple”

    Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has called on businessmen to apply for the use of the benefits under the Program of Economic Measures aimed at combating the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic worth EUR 5.1 billion. The legal framework for the implementation of the program was adopted on Friday, April 10, at a session of the Government of Serbia, and as early as yesterday, businessmen started applying through the Tax Administration portal, Mali recalled, as it is stated in the ministry’s press release. “Although we did not expect businessmen to start applying over the weekend, they did, so in less than 24 hours we have 15,000 businessmen who opened a dedicated account and thus applied for measures. With just two clicks, they can defer the payment of tax obligations and enable the payment of a minimum wage for their workers,” Mali told business owners in Serbia.

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