As of today, CARD PAYMENTS enabled in THREE Belgrade green markets (PHOTO)

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    As of today, CARD PAYMENTS enabled in THREE Belgrade green markets (PHOTO)

    At the Kalenic, Djeram and Paliluska market stalls, customers will be able to pay for products by using payment cards, deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic has announced.

    During his visit to the Kalenic market, he pointed out that at the moment there were more than 20 stall lessees who had applied, adding that that would make it easier for sellers to sell their goods, but also for customers to buy goods without cash, Beoinfo reports.

    “We have initiated the reconstruction of the green markets, the first on the list was Palilulska, and then Kalenic will ensue, and its reconstruction will begin next year, and then the markets on Senjak, Bajloni, Djeram, Cvetko market will follow”, Vesic said.

    Next year, the City of Belgrade will provide almost RSD 300 million to aid agricultural producers in Belgrade, while in 2013, approximately 10 million had been allocated for those purposes, Vesic recalled, adding that the funds were intended for the purchase of machinery and equipment and were non-refundable.

    All the lessees who agreed to participate in the pilot project “Digitization of markets”, for the next 12 months will be exempt from all the costs related to the use of POS terminals, and project partners have provided an additional benefit – each month, five traders with the largest number of non-cash payments with payment cards, will receive a monetary reward in the amount of RSD 12,000.

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    Foto: Beoinfo

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