Batut institute denies BIRN claims: MORTALITY in Serbia is the lowest in region

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    Batut institute denies BIRN claims: MORTALITY in Serbia is the lowest in region

    The Serbian Institute for Public Health “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut” has condemned allegations that called into question the credibility of the data on number of infected and deceased persons, as a result of the coronavirus infection in Serbia. BIRN recently reported that data from Batut’s information database, which it had access to, showed that 632 patients died of coronavirus in Serbia from March 19th to June 1st, 388 more than the officially announced number for that period. “We hereby deny the information that is sensationally released to the public about the number of infected and deceased patients, because they are not accurate,” Batut announced in a statement. It is emphasized that it is “dangerous” when individuals who are not medical experts give interpretations regarding the classification of infected patients, “on the basis of incorrect data”. “As an institution that has been cooperating with all relevant international health organizations (such as the WHO) for 95 years, we consider this attack an attempt to discredit the Batut Institute and all other health institutions, bearing in mind that the professional public is aware of the way records are kept and on which members of the Crisis Staff also spoke publicly,” the statement added. They state that data of that Institute are verifiable, accurate and “above all” based on medical documentation on the epidemiological situation in Serbia, and that institution, based on the collected data, gives expert recommendations in order to control the epidemiological situation.

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