Belgrade: As of tomorrow, 78 inspectors and CSOs in GSP buses

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    Belgrade: As of tomorrow, 78 inspectors and CSOs in GSP buses

    As of tomorrow morning, 78 traffic inspectors and community service officers will check whether air conditioners are operational in public transport buses in Belgrade. This campaign was agreed on at the meeting of Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic with the officials of the city secretariats for public transport, inspection affairs and community service officers. “Tomorrow, on 2 July, from 6 am, 78 traffic inspectors and CSOs will check the operation of air conditioners in Belgrade’s public transport buses. All transportation companies in whose buses air conditioners are found not to be working in order to save fuel will be fined on the spot with two million dinars, and some vehicles will be referred to an urgent technical inspection,” Vesic posted on Facebook. This extraordinary campaign will last the whole summer.

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