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Belgrade introducing RIVER TRANSPORT, GSP tickets will be valid

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said the city will introduce river transport in the coming period, for which prepaid public transport tickets will apply. “In order to know what we will look for in a future partner in this business, where stations of the future river public transport will be and at what frequency the ships will operate, we have announced a tender for the preparation of a feasibility study for river public transport in Belgrade,” Vesic said. He added that the deadline for selecting the experts to do the study is February 12th, “Beoinfo” reports. “Such transportation would be faster and more efficient, in the situation when traffic congestion is increasing in Belgrade due to almost 740,000 vehicles, and would be more environmentally friendly as well,” Vesic said.

Izvor: N1, FoNet

Foto: BIZLife

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