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Belgrade metro: Contract for the preparation of documentation signed, works in a year and a half

The contract for the preparation of project-technical documentation for the project of the construction of the metro in Belgrade was signed by the representatives of the city administration, the public utility company “Beogradski metro” and the French company Egis. “By signing a commercial contract for the preparation of a feasibility study for the construction of the Belgrade metro, we are implementing a donation from the French government and starting the implementation of the largest infrastructure investment in this part of Europe, worth six billion euros,” said Mihajlovic, as announced by her office. She pointed out that the feasibility study would be completed in a year and a half, when the construction of the 60-kilometer-long metro line with 60 stops would begin. Vesic said that the construction of the Belgrade metro had been awaited for half a century, and that construction would begin at the end of next year, thanks to the cooperation of the city administration with the Government of Serbia. “There is no regime that has not promised a metro, but this government will help the realization of the project,” he said.

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