Belgrademetro gives millions for SALARIES

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    Belgrademetro gives millions for SALARIES

    The recentlyfounded Public Utility Company Beogradski metro i voz (Belgrade Metro andTrain), in two and a half months of operation in 2018, spent 2.1 million dinars- i.e. two-thirds of the budget – on salaries, fees and other personalexpenses. PUC Beogradskimetro i voz was established on October 12, 2018, and its budget in 2018amounted to 3.2 million dinars, it is stated in the income statement submittedby the company to the Business Registers Agency. The company, which, according to the Nova ekonomija magazine, spent 2.1million on salaries, finished 2018 with a net loss of 109,000 dinars, accordingto the income statement. The averagenumber of employees in 2018 was four, according to the APR’s data. Beogradskimetro i voz has an acting director and a two-member Supervisory Board, it isstated on the website of the Agency. PUCBeogradski metro i voz does not have an official website.

    Izvor: N1, Beta, Nova ekonomija

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