Beware grey economy, here comes the "e-inspector"

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    Beware grey economy, here comes the “e-inspector”

    Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali says that the Serbian government has adopted a detailed and comprehensive plan aimed at the complete suppression of grey economy in Serbia.

    The Government of Serbia has adopted the Action Plan for the implementation of the national program for the suppression of grey economy, and the Minister of Finance points out that the most important aspect is that the so-called e-inspector will unite all the inspection departments and their work on the territory of Serbia.

    “At the moment, there is a large number of inspectors and inspection departments that do not communicate with each other and we want to change that,” Mali said in a statement for Tanjug, RTS reports.

    He added that they will all communicate through the portal “e-inspector”, and that a single call centre will be formed through which citizens will be able to report grey economy cases.

    In Serbia, there are about 150 so-called “reload sites” where oil, petroleum products, agricultural products, pebbles and sand are illegally reloaded. “This somehow goes through the system because there is no good coordination of the inspection. We want to change this in order to bring this illegal trafficking into legal flows,” said the Minister of Finance.

    Within the action plan, there is a detailed plan on combating illegal construction in Belgrade, as well as an action plan related to online trading, where there is a very large number of unregistered entities dealing with trade.

    Mali also announced the continuation of the Tax Administration reform, referring to, as part of the Action Plan, the establishment of so-called digital fiscalization in 2020. This includes the connection of all fiscal cash registers in real time with the Tax Administration in order to make their work even more efficient and even better, says Mali.

    Izvor: RTS, Tanjug

    Foto: Beta/Branislav Božić

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