Big fire in smelter in Bor on the day when Zijin announced halt in operation (VIDEO)

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    Big fire in smelter in Bor on the day when Zijin announced halt in operation (VIDEO)

    Half an hour after midnight on Wednesday, members of the Bor fire and rescue brigade managed to extinguish the fire that broke out in the plant of the Bor-based copper smelter of the company Zijin around 20:30, the employees of that company told the Beta agency.

    According to eyewitnesses, eight fire-fighters took part in the four-hour fight with the fire, which affected the polyester pipes that carry gases from the smelter to the Sulphuric Acid Factory. They put out the fire from three vehicles. “The fire was not large in scale, but it broke out at a great height and in a hard-to-reach location,” one of the participants in the operation told the Beta agency.

    According to the information, although the video footage from the place of the fire looked frightening, there was no threat at any moment that the fire would engulf the rest of the plant, nor was there any danger to workers or fire-fighters.

    It is not yet known how much physical damage this accident caused or what the causes of the fire were.

    The Chinese company Zijin did not comment on this unfortunate event.

    Namely, the fire happened on the same day when the plants in the copper smelter in Bor, within RTB, were stopped for a longer period until the conditions for production without air pollution were created.

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