BIRN: Number of deaths and infections significantly higher than reported

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    BIRN: Number of deaths and infections significantly higher than reported

    In Serbia, 632 patients died of the corona virus from March 19 to June 1, 2020, which is 388 more than the officially reported number for that period, which is 244 – BIRN has learned based on insight into data that are part of the official state information Covid19 system. According to BIRN, the number of infected people in the last few days of last week ranged between 300 and 340 a day, which far exceeds the official data of 97 new cases. The biggest difference in the number of deaths was noticed in the Clinical Centre of Nis, where, according to officially published data, 77 patients died. Data from the information system that BIRN had access to shows the number of 243 people who died, whose test result was marked as positive, which is a difference of 166 deaths. BIRN has repeatedly tried to contact officials from the Ministry of Health, members of the Crisis Staff, hospital directors and the Batut Institute to find out the cause of the big discrepancy between the officially announced data and those in the Covid19 information system, and to find out who decided which numbers would be officially presented to the public. None of them answered the calls.

    Izvor: BIRN

    Foto: Pixabay

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