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    BIZLife list “30 under 30”: Dragica Matic, Sales Manager, Lidl Serbia

    In 2009, Dragica enrolled in Belgrade Business School, Marketing and Trade Department, and after completing her undergraduate studies, she enrolled in specialist studies in the field of Reengineering.

    She took her first serious business steps in 2012 in the Austrian company Kika&Steinhoff, as the youngest Product Manager for Southeast Europe in the Home Decoration Sector. Four years later, she joined Lidl Serbia as a regional sales manager. After a number of countries in which she was educated, the skills she mastered and foreign languages she learned, in less than three years she got the opportunity for further development in sales, in the position she holds today – sales manager.

    Outside of her business activities, she is involved in diving, snorkelling, she loves to read books and she very actively uses the TED application.

    Why have you decided to stay in Serbia?

    Great decisions are preceded by both rational and emotional self-determination. Certainly leaving one’s own country brings the introduction to some new cultures, standards of living or business development in another way.

    However, I choose to stay in my country, because I can say, based on my personal example, that the company I work in has recognized my expertise, but also the expertise and dedication of other young people in Serbia, and gave us the opportunity to develop our ideas.

    I believe in the will, initiative and ability of young people to be successful in the country where they started everything – first steps and higher education.

    What did you want to be when you were a child?

    When I was a child, I wanted to become a world-famous ice skater (I still have the skates in my car during winter).

    Favourite subject at school?

    In primary school, I adored history, but as I decided to enrol in a secondary school of economics, so my interests spread to business economics.

    Business role model?

    My business role model is Bill Gates, because of his constant desire to develop and expand knowledge, while selflessly sharing his experience. I love his speeches with examples from business practice. Certainly, I would not leave out Susan Wojcicki, because, through her work, she allowed us follow all the modern contents online, that is, via the YouTube platform.

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