BIZLife list “30 under 30”: Jovana Stajcic, Key Account Manager, Fercam

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    BIZLife list “30 under 30”: Jovana Stajcic, Key Account Manager, Fercam

    Jovana spent her childhood in Ub, where she graduated from the Branislav Petronijevic Secondary School in 2011. In the same year, she enrolled at the Faculty of Transportation, University of Belgrade. During the final year of her studies, she began working in a company in the field of logistics and transport, where in three years she gained new experience and knowledge in the logistics of the car industry, but also in other industries and areas of transport. Simultaneously with her first job, she completed master studies at the Faculty of Transportation. Soon, in the pursuit of new skills, she transferred to the international logistics company Fercam, at the end of 2017, where she still works as a Key Account Manager.

    Why have you decided to stay in Serbia?

    Because that is my country. My friends, my family are here. A large number of foreign companies have opened their representative offices in Serbia, which offers a handful of opportunities for young people from various fields of interest. Of course, there are also good local companies. I certainly believe it is a great opportunity to temporarily go abroad to gain new knowledge, improve a language, get to know a new culture. It is a good opportunity and one should always remain open to all potential possibilities and changes.

    What did you want to be when you were a child?

    I wanted to deal primarily with acting, but also with journalism.

    Favourite subject at school?

    The French language.

    Business role model?

    Stella Karl Cosic and Mila Litvinenko.

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