Brussels quotas do not "affect" Serbian steel

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    Brussels quotas do not “affect” Serbian steel

    It is expected in Brussels that final quotas for import of steel to the European Union show that the European Commission, when it comes to Serbian steel production, “has resolved this issue to a mutual satisfaction.”

    “Final quotas should preserve the traditional level of trade with Serbia”, “Tanjug” agency received information from European diplomatic sources in Brussels.

    The European Commission says the final text of the proposal on final quotas for steel import to the EU will show the response to concerns of the Serbian authorities regarding this matter.

    “The Commission is well aware of the problems pointed out by the Serbian authorities. We consulted with our partners, including Serbia as well. As soon as it is formalized, the final text will show how all these questions will be addressed,” sources of the European Commission stated.

    Izvor: RTS, Tanjug

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