Building superintendents UNDERPERFORM

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    Building superintendents UNDERPERFORM

    Experience with building superintendents so far shows that tenants generally do not understand the items listed in the bills they receive for services, according to an analysis released by the Demostat portal. It is better for tenants’ associations to select a chairperson from their own ranks because it is a far cheaper and more efficient option, according to experts’ statements given to the portal. “Our mentality is not such that this type of building management in Serbia would be sustainable. In developed countries, the function of a building superintendent has its application and importance, however, in our country, the situation is quite different,” said Professor of the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade Ljubodrag Savic. He notes that it is far more cost-efficient and better for tenants to select a chairman of the tenants’ association from their own ranks, as this would also lower the costs of maintaining the building where they live. “If the state wants to improve the status and services of building superintendents, it must adopt a series of regulations that would clearly define their role and obligations,” Savic said. Misunderstandings in terms of building management sometimes lead to incidents, Demostat reports. Thus, in the first half of 2018, building superintendent of a building in Stepe Stepanovica quarter in Belgrade, Tatjana Strugar, received anonymous threats asking her to resign from that position, while building superintendent of a building in Uciteljsko naselje in Belgrade, Milorad Nikolic, claims that he was severely injured in June when tenants attacked him.

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