Buyers STOPPED the buy-out of apricot, the do not have fruit crates

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    Buyers STOPPED the buy-out of apricot, the do not have fruit crates

    The apricot buyers have stopped the buy-out of this fruit in the region of Cacak, which fruit growers estimated as “scandalous” and scheduled a joint meeting of all fruit growers from the same region, in order to agree on further activities. As the “Miokovacka kajsija” association announced, all fruit growers from Cacak villages who produce apricot have been invited to Miokovci, in order to agree on further steps in their battle for market regulation and salvation of apricot production, by which Cacak is famous for. Apricot is grown across approximately 250 hectares in the village Miokovci near Cacak, and total annual yield is around 3,500 tons. Fruit producers state that buyers have said that the reason for discontinuation of apricot buy-out is lack of fruit crates, as well as lack of buyers. “They terminated buy-out in the middle of harvest, and this is all a game in order to bring down the price of apricot. Precipitation has been announced for today and tomorrow, even bad weather, which might serve them as an excuse for lack of quality, thus price could decrease by RSD 10 to RSD 15,” fruit growers state. The purchase price of apricot is RSD 30 a kilogram.

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