CAPACITIES about to be exhausted: Nis Military Hospital RETURNS to covid system

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    CAPACITIES about to be exhausted: Nis Military Hospital RETURNS to covid system

    The Nis Military Hospital is again ready to receive covid patients, for whom 86 beds are provided, of which 46 are suitable for oxygen therapy, the Ministry of Defence announced.

    After entering the covid system at the beginning of December last year, and leaving this regime at the end of January this year, the Nis Military Hospital will again accept patients infected with the coronavirus.

    The capacities in the hospitals in the south of Serbia are almost exhausted, it is stated in the announcement, which is why there was the idea for the Nis Military Hospital to come to the rescue again, and members of the military healthcare system, as it is added, will help their colleagues from the civil healthcare system.

    “I want to thank our military doctors and medical staff who managed to prepare everything for the admission of covid patients as soon as possible. I am convinced that, as always, they will do their best to give the patients quality medical care and help them recover as soon as possible and return to their homes,” said Minister of Defence, Nebojsa Stefanovic.

    Namely, according to the ministry, while the Military Hospital was previously in the covid system, about 150 patients passed through it.

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