Chinese company opens SECOND FACTORY in Obrenovac, jobs for 400 people

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    Chinese company opens SECOND FACTORY in Obrenovac, jobs for 400 people

    Chinese company Meita has opened another factory of car parts in Obrenovac, in which 90 million euros have been invested and which employs 400 people. Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said at the opening of the factory that that was an extremely important investment for Belgrade and Serbia, owing to which there was a significant reduction in unemployment in Obrenovac and surrounding areas, since the two factories would employ more than 3,000 people. “In 2016, at this location, there was a meadow and an old neglected factory. Few people believed that in a couple of years there would be the most modern factory of car parts, but we have fulfilled this promise. The factory currently employs 400 employees, and 1,000 more will be employed. The first factory already employs 2,400 people, which is more than we expected. Together with the first factory, this is an investment of a total of 150 million euros,” Mali said. The minister noted that Obrenovac had had an extremely high unemployment rate and that the municipality now lacked labor force. He pointed out that the salaries of workers in the Meita factory were higher than the average in Serbia, that is, 600 euros. “This is a real example that shows how ordinary citizens can benefit from such investments. The local self-government has a billion dinars more just from the revenues paid for employees’ contributions. There has never been more construction work in Obrenovac, and the sewage, water supply systems and roads are also being constructed. Corridor 11 will soon be opened from Obrenovac to Cacak, and by the end of the year the bridge over the Kolubara and Sava Rivers, which is nearby, will be connected to the highway,” Mali said.

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