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“CLEAR PROOF” that the NUMBER OF THE EMPLOYED is higher than before the state of emergency

The labour market in Serbia is functioning, claims Minister of Labour, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic, emphasizing that the number of the employed in Serbia increased after the state of emergency. Answering the reporters’ questions during the visit to the miners on the Rudnik Mountain near Gornji Milanovac, Djordjevic recalled that the Central Registry contained 6,988 more employees after the state of emergency than before. “Our labour market is functioning, and perhaps the confirmation of all this is the information from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund that the collection of taxes and contributions is far higher than expected. Despite the fact that we have introduced a delay in the payment of taxes and contributions, and we predicted there would a shortage in the budget, it turned out that the collection is higher, and the consequence is certainly a higher number of employees,” concluded Djordjevic.

Izvor: BIZLife, MNA

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