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“Companies that have already used measures are automatically REGISTERED for new assistance”

The Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, stated that the legal framework of the new package of economic measures will be adopted at tomorrow’s session of the Serbian government, which encompasses the payment of 60 percent of the minimum wage for August and September, as well as one month of grace period for payment of taxes and contributions. “That is around 66 billion dinars, which will be set aside for additional assistance to businessmen in August and September. If you take into account all enterprises that received the minimum wage for employees in July, we are talking about 1.05 million employees. They will get 155 euros per worker per month for another two months”, stated Mali and the Ministry announced. He also pointed out that the new package of measures has novelties, in order to facilitate procedures and enable faster money transfer. “All legal entities that received money for their employees at the end of July should not apply, because they will receive 60 percent of the minimum wage per worker automatically. We wanted the procedure to be simple,” he pointed out. The Minister added that newly established enterprises are also included in the new package of economic measures, until July 20th, but it is necessary to apply for aid in the next two months in order to obtain 60 percent of the minimum wage per worker. According to him, it is necessary for them to submit a tax return by September 15th, on which they will put January 5th, 2021, as the due date for taxes and contributions on salaries. As he explained, these are those economic entities that were established after March 15th, i.e. after the introduction of curfew, and which last time did not have the right to seek aid.

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