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    COMPANIES will be full of “LEASED WORKERS”

    The Serbian government has adopted the Agency Employment Bill, which allows all employers, except those in state administration and local self-government, to hire all their workers via agency, if these workers have permanent placement in the agency. The bill, which will soon be presented to the MPs of the Serbian Assembly, stipulates that workers can be leased to the employer via temporary employment agency, provided they conclude a fixed-term or permanent contract with the agency, web portal reports. Such provision of the law secures greater workers’ rights when compared to the previous period, when agencies could lease workers to employee even under a temporary and casual employment contract, which does not secure them with the right to sick leave, annual leave, trade union organization and other rights. However, unlike the Draft Law on Agency Employment, released by the Ministry of Labour last year, the current bill allows employer to lease all its workers via agency (via so-called “leasing”). This means that employers have no restrictions in hiring workers via agency, as long as those workers have a “permanent placement” with the agency. The proponent (Ministry of Labour) explains that the decision not to limit the number of workers hired via agency is due to the fact that workers under permanent placement in the agency enjoy all protection and are entitled to compensation between the two concessions, as well as the right to severance pay in the event of redundancy, when the Agency cannot secure them a job with another employer.”

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