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Countdown until the take-off from “Morava” airport

Flights on the routes of public importance from Kraljevo will begin on Tuesday, December 17th, when the Air Serbia plane will depart from “Morava” airport to Vienna. According to the announcement from the enterprise “Aerodromi Srbije”, the flight to Vienna is planned for 7.55 am, and before that the Air Serbia airplane from Belgrade will be greeted at Kraljevo airport with water cannons at 7.15 am. The national airline will fly from Kraljevo to Vienna and Thessaloniki, on the basis of tender results for the provision of scheduled airline traffic on routes of public interest, announced by the Serbian government. As previously announced, the Vienna route will operate throughout the entire year, twice a week during winter and three times a week during summer, while the Thessaloniki route will be seasonal, with two flights a week during summer. Air Serbia will fly towards both destinations from Kraljevo three times a week using regional ATR72 aircraft.

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