"Crisis headquarters met PREVENTIVELY, the situation is NOT worrying"

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    “Crisis headquarters met PREVENTIVELY, the situation is NOT worrying”

    State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Mirsad Djerlek, stated that the session of the Crisis Staff for the Suppression of the Coronavirus Epidemic was held “for preventive reasons, and the epidemiological situation is not worrying at the moment.”

    Djerlek stated with RTS that “we were not late with inoculation, but we missed the opportunity”, as well as that “we must increase the number of inoculations in the group between ages 18 to 30, where only 17 percent are inoculated”, yet they are most susceptible to delta strain.

    According to him, “as soon as two cases of delta strain have been verified and the number of newly infected ones is growing” it can be expected that “by mid-September the delta strain will show full strength” in Serbia, and “the point is to react in time and reduce damage which most likely will happen.”

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