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    Diesel cheaper by RSD 22 and gasoline by RSD 18 since end of January

    Fuel prices continue to drop in Serbia this week. Since the end of January, a liter of diesel has dropped in price by RSD 22, and of gasoline by RSD 18, said Secretary General of the Association of Oil Companies of Serbia, Tomislav Micovic. The average price of the Euro Premium BMB 95 gasoline in Serbia is RSD 132.4 per liter, of Euro Diesel RSD 141.9, and of LPG RSD 73.9. In the price of BMB 95 gasoline, excise tax is about RSD 56, and in the price of euro diesel RSD 57.6, while in the price of LPG it is RSD 23.6. Seven days ago, Serbia was ranked third in the region in terms of the average price of Euro Premium BNB gasoline, behind Greece and Albania. This fuel was cheaper in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, BiH, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Macedonia. Seven days ago, diesel in Serbia cost EUR 1.271 per liter, which was the highest price in the region after Albania. This fuel was cheaper in Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Montenegro, BiH, Hungary, Bulgaria and Macedonia. A week ago, autogas cost EUR 0.67 per liter in Serbia, and it was only more expensive in Greece, while in all the other countries in the region it was cheaper. The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil on the global market on 6 January this year was US$68.91, on 31 March it was US$22.4, and on 13 April it rose to US$31.74. On 24 April last year, a barrel of Brent oil peaked at US$74.57. The average price of Brent crude oil in 2019 was US$64.22, and this year US$48.54.

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