Due to the mass theft of packages in Serbia, AliExpress drastically increased shipping costs

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    Due to the mass theft of packages in Serbia, AliExpress drastically increased shipping costs

    The consumer association “Efektiva” states that the drastic increase in shipping costs for the purchase of goods on the sales platform “AliExpress” for Serbian citizens happened due to mass thefts of so-called items of small value, on their way to the buyer in Serbia. That is the reason why Chinese sellers have determined that it is no longer cost profitable for them to send goods to Serbian buyers at cheap rates. “Efektiva” explained on Facebook that small value goods were sold with the so-called “free shipping” option to Serbia, in order to motivate the buyer to continue buying on “AliExpress”. According to this association, the system functioned until mass theft of those small shipments started, and buyers therefore initiate disputes over the undelivered shipment within a 60-day protection period. The AliExpress dispute resolution team always rules in favour of the buyer and returns the money, leaving the seller without goods or money. Since shipments with tracking numbers are being stolen as well, with an excuse if customer asks for their shipment: “our system does not support this form of number tracking” or it “does not see your shipment”, “AliExpress” has cancelled free and cheap shipping costs for Serbia, “Efektiva” points out. “Efektiva” states that they sent a memo to “Posta Srbije”, asking for a meeting regarding this problem, and they will ask the same from the Customs Administration. “We also do not exclude the possibility of criminal charges, because this is organized crime that is probably measured in millions of euros,” “Efektiva” points out.


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