Easier work of the employees with the Bulletin Board

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    Easier work of the employees with the Bulletin Board

    The Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government will launch an application “Bulletin Board” this year, intended for local civil servants, through which they will receive all necessary information and news regarding their work, the Minister of State Administration and Local Self – Government Branko Ruzic has said.

    “Everyone expect of civil servants to be kind and efficient, and now for the first time a project has been designed that will aid them in their work and secure much needed support”, Ruzic has stated with Beta agency.

    Hi has stipulated that via this application civil servants will have information on activities within the framework of public administration reform at any time and on a timely basis, such as, for example, implementation of certain laws, clarification of novelties, a contact person they will be able to consult for any dilemma, as well as information on vacancies and possibilities for professional development.

    “They will no longer have to wait for information and explanation from responsible authorities of the local self-government, as everyone will be personally informed about the news”, Ružic has said.

    Even though for starters application will be tested in 10 municipalities, after which in 2020 merge of all municipalities and towns in Serbia in a single network will follow, the Minister has pointed out that goal is “for all 500.000 civil servants to be updated about changes, have someone to consult with if something is not clear, or they want to develop themselves professionally, thus together we will be satisfied with our work, which will result in better quality of services that we provide to citizens”.

    A total of RSD36.4 million has been set aside from the budget of the Ministry for this project.

    Izvor: Beta

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