You have to file a certain complaint? As of today you will be able to communicate more easily with your bank


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The National Bank of Serbia has adopted regulations that should enable better protection for all users of banking services.

On January 10th, 2019, the National Bank of Serbia adopted the Decision on Handling Complaints of Financial Service Consumers, as well as Decision on Handling Complaints of Legal Entities. These regulations come into force today.

New decisions improve protection of rights and interests of both natural and legal persons, BIZLife obtained a statement at the National Bank of Serbia.

The obligation of banks is to enable filing of complaints via their official websites, at the very front page, and to put notice with general information on the procedure for protection of users’ rights at the part of their websites that refers to complaints.

As for long distance financial services, it is now possible to file a complaint with the same means of communication that was used to conclude a particular long distance agreement (for example, if one uses mobile banking then via mobile phone, within the appropriate application).

In order to increase the level of legal security of clients, banks will be obliged in the future to issue certificate on reception of the complaint in each individual case, opposed to only at explicit request of the complainant, which has been the case so far. This will ease eventual argumentation for clients, if they wish to continue the procedure by submitting complaint to the National Bank of Serbia or before the court, during which this complaints certificate submitted either by electronic means or orally must also contain the most important elements of the filed complaint.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Pixabay