Micko Ljubicic: This is the only way to keep young people in Serbia


Photo: Rade Kovač

We have asked Micko Ljubicic what he has to say to young people from our “30 under 30” list, i.e. those who are just beginning their careers?

The best that these talented young people can do is to bravely and persistently persevere in what they have already found within themselves and recognized as their life mission. That is the thing in which they can yet show their full potential, which they can contribute the most to somewhat general wellbeing, and at the same time it is what they love the most and want to do, more dedicated and better than everything else. And never, not even in the inevitable moments of disappointment and understandable youthful impatience, should they give up on their ambitions, desires, dreams and consistent work on themselves.

The only way in which Serbia might retain young and talented people, and without referring to a politically motivated, almost exclusively pre-election patriotism (which, having been misused in such manner, brought us nothing good in past 30 years), is to immediately, not only declaratively but also legally and in practical terms, enable them existential optimum, along with conditions for quality professional development and improvement.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: Rade Kovač