Regional Visa director for BIZLife: 10 failures hide behind every success


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Vladimir Djordjevic, Visa Director for Southeast Europe, has provided his own definition of personal and business success, including very concrete advices.

Personally, success is when person knows that he did the right thing even when he made a mistake, and to accept all that. If he makes a mistake, person needs to find a solution and move on. Personal success is also when you love the job that you do and vice versa, when you feel good in your own skin. Business-wise, success is team – recognition of the fact that everyone is working on the same thing together and they invest joint effort. The thing that I always say to my team, my associates is: Do not just say “I have a problem,” period, but “I have a problem, and I think that we can do this and this and this.” That way we are always victorious. Behind every success there are 10 failures. Precisely that is my message to anyone who is engaging in business, whether that business is corporate, private or individual. Success is not achieved immediately.

Source: BIZLife

Photo: promo