A national team rescues Serbian villages


Photo: Beta

Minister of Regional Development of Serbia Milan Krkobabic has announced for the end of the month the establishment of a national team for rescuing Serbian villages. Krkobabic said that the team would be composed of the representatives of the Village Committee of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) and distinguished experts.

Visiting the Krajisnik village in the Secanj municipality, he said that the task of the Government of Serbia was to revitalize the villages and keep young people by offering them what the inhabitants of larger cities had.

He added that he was touring the villages in order to view the needs so that during the formation of the budget for next year, he could highlight clear requirements of how much money was necessary for regional development.

Krkobabic pointed out that the villages should be provided with infrastructure, roads, water supply, sewerage, health services and cultural centres “that are shut down in 73 percent of villages”.

Source: N1, Beta

Photo: Beta