A rarity these days: “Cooper Tire” from Krusevac INCREASED SALARIES


Photo: Pixabay

The American company “Cooper Tire”, which does business in Krusevac, has increased workers’ salaries by RSD7 per hour. In addition, all workers whose contracts expire in March and April will renew them. The Trade Union “Sloga” says that, while the increase is not big, it is very significant as it occurs at a time of economic uncertainty, when a global pandemic is causing discharges and salary cuts. This trade union invited other companies and employers to join them, to increase salaries to employees where this is doable, not to discharge them, thus showing solidarity with those very workers and their families. In addition to salary increase, “Cooper Tire”, in agreement with trade unions, has also aligned plant’s working hours during the curfew, from organizing shifts, transportation to work and work in accordance with recommendations of the medical profession. “Cooper Tire” manufactures tires for industrial and off-road vehicles and cars, and has been doing business in Krusevac since 2012.

Source: Danas

Photo: Pixabay

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