A significant increase in salaries and pensions


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Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, said that this year it can be expected that salaries in the public sector and pensions will increase for a higher percentage than up to this point.

“The Serbian government will decide on the increase in salaries and pensions, but it is certain that they will be significantly increased,” Vucic told reporters in Belgrade.

He added that we have achieved impressive results in public finance since the beginning of this year and that GDP growth in the first quarter was 4.5 percent, which makes it possible to increase public sector salaries and pensions.

“People see we’re on the right track. Everyone who did not believe when we talked about it now can see what has been done, “Vucic said.

The latest increase in wages in the public sector and pensions, diminished since November 2014 as a measure of fiscal consolidation, was in January this year. The Fiscal Council proposes that any increase in these budget expenditures be in line with GDP growth.

Source: Beta

Photo: screenshot