A solution for unpaid salaries without lawsuits and court proceedings


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Employees in Serbia will soon be able to demand payment of full salaries and other earnings from employer, without having to file lawsuits, in the procedure for peaceful settlement of labour disputes, the Blic daily newspaper reports.

Namely, solutions foreseen by the Bill on Amendments to the Law on Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes, which is on the daily agenda of an ongoing session of the Serbian Assembly, expand jurisdiction of the Republic Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes to full wage and salary.

This was not the case so far, since Agency was responsible for determining the obligation to pay earnings up to the amount of minimum wage, and employees had to engage in litigation for the remaining amount, up to their full salary. Expansion of jurisdiction of the Agency to disputes including payment of salary as well means that civil servants and state employees, i.e. all those employed in the public sector will have the right to raise the issue of payment of their salary, paid leave benefits and other income. In addition, jurisdiction of the Agency for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes also expands to other income, such as severance pay.

Source: Blic

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