A woman as the leader of the team that takes care of people in Telenor


Photo: Telenor

They can work from home five days a month, they work shorter hours on Fridays and in summer, they have social zones and living rooms on every floor, they are surrounded by the works of contemporary Serbian art… No, this is not an international IT company. This is Telenor in Serbia. The so-called perks, which we read about and which are found in companies around the world, also exist in a large company operating on the domestic market.

The Head of the team that takes care of the employees in Telenor Serbia is Nevena Stefanovic, Executive Director of Human Resources, who says that she has the impression that Telenor has inspired many companies in Serbia to take better care of their employees.

“For us, the health and happiness of our employees as well as their families are the most important, because we primarily see them as people, without forgetting their needs. If their needs are met, we will easily agree on everything else and achieve results,” she says.

Source: BIZLife magazin

Photo: Telenor