Agriculture still carrying Serbian economy


Photo: Pixabay

Serbian agriculture employs around 20 percent of employees, while GDP participates with seven to eight percent, but it is also the only branch of economy that realizes positive results in foreign trade.

As Ministry of Agriculture reports, around one fifth of Serbian export includes agricultural-food products that realize a trade surplus of around one billion euros, while their stake in import is 14 percent.

Our country is very famous on the global map of agriculture when it comes to production of corn, fresh apple, frozen raspberry, sunflower oil, soybean, wheat, sugar, cigarettes, etc.

Serbia is a land of agriculture that progressed significantly until ‘90s, and then wars and crises left major consequences. Now it is rising again, but in slow pace, agro-economist Milan Prostran explains.

Animal husbandry certainly is in the most difficult position, cattle farming in particular, as it is difficult to renew it.

Serbia once had two million head of cattle and now barely 800.000. Pig and sheep farming also record poor numbers. The most important thing to remember is that there is no irrigation without animal husbandry, as there is no fertilizer.

Source: Novosti

Photo: Pixabay